The intensive two-day workshop (also offered live online over four half days) provides participants with accredited training in the administration and use of the Stalking Risk Profile: Guidelines for the assessment and management of stalkers (SRP).  In the course of the two days, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various motivations for stalking, the different types of risk present in stalking situations and the identification and implementation of appropriate treatment and management strategies.  They will be trained in how to use the SRP to provide opinions to assist the courts with sentencing and support other referral services in the development of comprehensive treatment and management plans for stalkers .

Completion of the workshop results in certification as an SRP assessor. It also entitles participants to apply for membership of the secure members’ section of this website and the privileges provided through membership.

If there are no workshops organised in your area and you would like to arrange one, please contact us

Workshop outline
Day One provides an overview of stalking research and theory, including prevalence, types of behaviour, the various motivations for stalking and impact stalking has on its victims. It will also provide detailed information and interactive practical tasks so that participants can recognise different types of stalkers and have a comprehensive understanding of risks in the stalking situation through the presentation of the most recent research on risk factors for stalking violence, persistence and recurrence.

Day Two will provide training and practice in the administration, scoring, interpretation and presentation of the SRP. It includes instruction and practice in formulating stalking risk, and a full application of the SRP in a case study exercise. Guidance on how to conduct an assessment with a stalker is provided, including a video of an interview conducted by Professor Mullen. Day two also includes information about recognising and prioritising targets for intervention in stalking situations and how to use the SRP as an outcome measure.

Included in the registration fee is a folder containing all workshop materials, morning and afternoon tea and lunch on both days.