Stalking Risk Profile

The Stalking Risk Profile (SRP) is the definitive structured professional judgement tool for assessing and managing risk in stalking cases. Developed in response to the limitations of other tools when assessing the multifaceted nature of stalking, the SRP adopts an innovative approach to risk assessment that enables the assessor to determine not only the risk of violence, but also the separate risk domains of persistence, recurrence and psychosocial damage according to the stalker’s motivation. In doing so, it is structured to take into account the differences that motivation brings to risk within each domain. The SRP is authored by leaders in the field of stalking and risk assessment. It is based on 20 years experience working with stalkers and their victims, and incorporates the latest stalking research. To purchase the Stalking Risk Profile, click here.

Comprehensive in scope and unique in approach, the Stalking Risk Profile provides structured guidelines to assist professionals to make considered judgements regarding all of the risks inherent in stalking situations based on clinical, behavioural and contextual perspectives. In addition to enabling the professional to develop appropriate management and treatment plans, the SRP also serves as an outcome measure which meets the demands of most organisations for evidence of treatment efficacy.

The Stalking Risk Profile includes an introduction to structured risk assessment in stalking situations, guidance on applying the stalker motivational typology and instructions for using and scoring the tool.  There are separate sections for assessing each domain of risk and discussion of how ratings translate to management and treatment approaches. The manual provides suggestions for interventions that can be applied when treating stalkers. The SRP also includes additional guidelines for application when the victim of stalking is a public figure, specifically the additional risk domains of escalation and disruption. Finally, the SRP has a detailed reference list and glossary, and reproducible scoring sheets.

As the most comprehensive instrument regarding stalking assessment and management, the Stalking Risk Profile has rapidly become the tool of choice for clinicians involved in all aspects of stalking, including assessing stalking risks,  defining management, intervention and treatment strategies, writing authoritative court reports and advising victims.

“The SRP provides structure and consistency to risk categorisation, and assists clinicians to prioritise treatment goals for stalkers. Our clinic has had great feedback from staff, who appreciate the methodical and evidence-based framework of the SRP.”

Dr Danny Sullivan
Assistant Clinical Director
Consultant Psychiatrist
Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health