Screening Assessment for Stalking and Harassment (SASH)

The Screening Assessment for Stalking and Harassment (SASH) was originally developed in 2010 by Dr Troy McEwan, Dr Susanne Strand, Dr Rachel MacKenzie and Dr David James as the Stalking Assessment Screen (SAS). On the basis of research with the SAS and findings of our other research, we revised the SAS in 2015 to create the SASH.

The SASH is intended as a decision making aid for police, health professionals, security organizations and other professionals who are dealing with stalking situations but don’t have access to specialised risk assessments. The SASH asks the user to answer between 13 and 16 questions about the stalking or harassment situation and characteristics of the stalker and victim. The answers are used to identify how concerned they should be about the stalking case, allowing them to prioritise resources towards cases that should cause the greatest concern. The SASH incorporates 13 questions relevant to all stalking situations, and an additional 3 questions that are specific to situations in which the stalker is a former sexual or dating partner.

The SASH is not a comprehensive risk assessment tool. For individuals who are identified as presenting a moderate or high concern, more comprehensive assessment using the SRP or a similar instrument is strongly recommended as part of any risk management plan. We have undertaken reliability and validity research with the SAS that is currently being replicated with the SASH and which will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication in 2017. A brief user manual will also be made available at that time.

The SASH is available free on request under specific terms and conditions in English, Swedish, Italian and Dutch. If you are a professional working with stalkers or their victims and are interested in using the SASH in your personal practice, please feel free to contact us for a copy. If you represent an organisation (e.g., a police force, security agency or health service) that wishes to implement the SASH as a standard procedure, there is a standard legal agreement governing the use of the SASH. Please contact us to arrange a copy of this agreement for your organisation. In either case, please use your professional email address in your request.