Stalking Assessment Screen

The Stalking Assessment Screen (SAS) was developed by Dr Troy McEwan, Dr Susanne Strand and Dr Rachel MacKenzie. The SAS was designed as a decision making aid for police, general mental health services, security organizations and other professionals who are dealing with stalking situations but don’t have specialised risk assessment training. The Stalking Assessment Screen is a 12 item checklist that helps the user identify how concerned they should be about a given stalking situation, and prioritise resources towards cases that present the greatest risk of causing serious emotional or physical harm to victims. The Stalking Assessment Screen also includes two screening questions to assist in identifying false victims of stalking; individuals who may be suffering from severe mental illnesses and who believe that they are being stalked.

The Stalking Assessment Screen is not a comprehensive risk assessment tool. For individuals who are identified as presenting a high concern, more comprehensive assessment by a specialist professional is strongly recommended as part of any risk management plan. The Stalking Assessment Screen is currently undergoing validation in Australia and Sweden. It for free on request, although we do not make any claims as to its validity or reliability prior to the completion of the validation research. If you are interested in using the SAS, we would be very interested in discussing it with you further. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of the version undergoing trials.